Ideas for Backyard Granny Flats

We’ve compiled four incredible ideas to get you started in order to truly assist you in designing a granny flats design Ingleburn you adore. You may construct a comfortable and pleasurable granny flat with these granny flat plans.

1. One-story Granny Flat

The Attached Granny House designer is one of the most prevalent and well-liked varieties of granny flats available. On the same property as the primary residence, in the backyard, is this freestanding home.  Detached granny flats are perfect for accommodating an elderly relative or for use as an investment unit. To increase privacy on the property, there will often be a fence between the main structure and the granny flat. However, you may leave the yard open if you want easy access between the main house and the granny flat. For a more neighbourly atmosphere, some individuals even decide to construct a road running from the apartment to the house.

2. Granny Flat that’s attached

An attached granny flat is a different housing unit floor plan you might experiment with. The primary residence is connected to the secondary residence via a granny apartment. On the property, the structures seem continuous. One benefit of a connected granny flat is that it may give the home a more unified aspect. Furthermore, while sharing a wall, the main house and the apartment are not joined by an entrance. 

Each home’s residents will enjoy a little bit more privacy this way. It’s crucial to remember that linked granny flats require fire-rated walls to separate the two residences. This is crucial for the security of the residents of both houses.

3. Mini ADU Granny Pod

The term “junior ADU” is used to describe one kind of granny flat. These ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Unit) are constructed inside a primary household, frequently turning a piece of the inner house into a second housing unit that, in certain circumstances, might share a kitchen. Junior ADUs come with a lot of red tape, so before moving further, you should speak with a granny flat specialist to be sure it’s something you want to do. 

4. Garage Conversion

Garage conversions make up the last kind of granny flat on our list. These apartments remove the garage from your home and transform it into a whole additional dwelling.

One issue to take into account is the loss of a large storage area or the fact that the majority of garages were not constructed to livable standards and would require a lot of work to comply with city ADU rules.

Utilize These Granny Flat Ideas

You are prepared to remodel your house after reading these incredible granny flat ideas and advice on how to establish your own granny flat. Very soon, simply having one of these incredible hideaways on your property will be enough to raise its value. We can assist if you’re prepared to begin construction on a granny flat. Contact Divine Homes right away, and we’ll work with you to design the ideal granny flat for your home.

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