7 tips for choosing the perfect house plan

Choosing the right floor plan for your home can be incredibly difficult, but it doesn’t need to be be. To make your decision easier and less stressful, check out our seven top tips for choosing the perfect.

1. Decide how much room you need

If your new home is cramped from day one there will be no room for you and your family to grow. Think about how many square metres your current home is, and think about how many more you may need in five or six year’s time.

Plus, if you want to add another member to the family or perhaps adopt a furry friend you should keep that in mind while deciding how much space you need.

2. Choose based on your design preferences

Do you like cosy, compartmentalised homes? Or open plan properties with modern designs? When deciding on your floor plan, make sure you keep the kind of design you prefer at the forefront of your mind and choose accordingly.

3. Think about what dwelling type fits your block of land

The block of land you build on will inevitably influence the shape, size and layout of your floor plan. Smaller blocks of land are more suited to double-storey home designs, whereas larger blocks may be ideal for more sprawling double-storey designs. If your block of land is narrow and long you should give thought to a specially designed narrow lot home.

4. Consider what’s important  to you

What do you value most, and what’s important to you and your family? Think about what floor plan features will best cater to those needs and include them in your design.

For example, a second lounge can be a great addition for parents who need a quiet moment away from the kids.

5. Think about your lifestyle

Do you love dining outdoors? How about spending time with family in your home’s common areas? Keep this in mind when picking a floor plan for your home and be sure to customise it to include features that will enable your lifestyle – whether that means an open plan kitchen living area or a generous deck for alfresco dinners.

6. Ask a design professional for guidance

If you’re stuck when selecting a floor plan, know that you’re not in it alone. If you build with divine homes you’ll have an expert building consultant available to speak to every step of the way to help make your decision easier.

7. Get expert help from an experienced local company

Building your own home from the ground up is no small feat. To make sure you get each step right and end up with a finished product that you love – get in touch with the team here at Divine homes.

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